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Our Story

Ken’s Plumbing Service Ltd. has been serving Red Deer and surrounding areas since 1965. We have been in business for more than 50 years, and our years of experience help us deliver quality services. We work with contractors on new construction projects and design customized plumbing solutions for large commercial projects. Residential clients can depend on us for basic plumbing repairs, refitting, renovations, and maintenance services. Be it any kind of plumbing issue, we know what to do and how to do it. The prices we offer are reasonable, and we charge no additional fees.


As a business, we know that business health is reflected in the relationship we have with our community.
Looking to the past, Ken's Plumbing Service has been in Red Deer since 1965 - starting with a commitment to provide quality and affordable customer service. What does that look like over 50 years later? It still means reasonable rates, free quotes, quality tradesmanship and free advice. 

Meet The Team

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Community Impact

We take great pride in actively engaging with our community through meaningful partnerships with numerous local organizations. 

Our commitment extends to the generous support of initiatives such as:

  • Red Deer Christmas Bureau

  • Various Charity Golf Tournaments

  • Red Deer Minor Hockey

  • Apprenticeship Scholarships 

  • We gladly extend a senior discount upon request.

These efforts are driven by our sincere dedication to enhancing the lives of others within our vibrant community.

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